Adnan Ergeç Fund

The Fund is founded in 2016 by one of the board members of the Karakutu Association in the name of his father. The objective of the fund is to support young researchers between the ages of 18 and 30 as well as artists who intend to implement a project that intersects with the areas of work of Karakutu – collective memory, facing the past, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, etc.

The fund supported Rüya Telli’s “Niksar Rums: Memory and Place”, Tugçe Özdemir and Ayşegül Özadak’s “Music in the Neighbor: Turkish and Armenian Music” in 2016-2017.

From 2017 through 2018, Ronahi Gökdemir and Dicle Aydın’s “Syriac Religious Rituals in the Context of Social Memory: Easter Celebrations,”  Onur Ciddi’s ” Salwar and Lenin: Minorities’ Life Practices Oral History Project in People’s Republic Bulgaria ”, Naz Vardar‘s ”Cephane (Ammunition) Street Memory Project”, and Selahattin Tolga Er’s ‘‘Turkey-Armenia Border’’ projects were supported.

In 2018-2019, the fund supported Rojdan Aksoy’s “Being a Child Refugee in Turkey: Mardin Example” project.  Besides, transportation expenses of Tuğba Yavuz, one of the young volunteers of Karakutu, who made the presentation of “New Perspectives on Survival in the Female Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs of Atrocities” in the third Memory Studies Association’s Annual Conference in Madrid, were supported.

Applications of the 2019/2020 term ended on December 9, 2019.  This year the fund will support the projects of Damla Sandal’s “Space-Woman-Manifestation,” Duygu Bostancı’s “Garden: Asking the History of the Neighborhood to Them,” Rabia Gökçe Yazıcı’s “Büyükada Tepeköylüler Football Field” and Özge Doruk’s “Çanakkale: A Memory Archeology.”

 Account information for those who want to support the Fund:

Donation via wire transfer
Account name: Karakutu Derneği
Garanti Bank – Bebek Branch
IBAN: TR52 0006 2000 2110 0006 2974 25