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Betsy Penso: ‘’Jews in Turkey do not feel like equal citizens.’’

Betsy Penso: ‘’Jews in Turkey do not feel like equal citizens.’’ Our participant Seval Gülen interviewed Betsy Penso as a final assigment project in our “Current Forms of Antisemitism” course. It was first published in Turkish on the Karakutu website. Seval Gülen from Karakutu spoke with lawyer and Avlaremoz writer

An Oasis in The Desert

When our paths first crossed with Karakutu in 2014, the Memory Walk project was just in construction. At that time, I have never realized that I was going to involve in a project that would affect and transform me so profoundly. The first Memory Walk of Karakutu was the first narrator

“In Search of Justice” Seminars In 2019

In Search of Justice Seminars are a series of seminars where academics, researchers and activists, who study in the areas of confronting the past, collective memory and remembering, share their experiences and research. In these seminars, we learn and discuss about different forms of human rights violations as well as

Our Work

The Fall School

The Fall School is a three days program that includes lectures, and reflection and discussion sessions as well as networking activities for young people between 18-26 ages engaging in Karakutu’s areas of work. It has two main objectives:  Gathering young people from Turkey engaging in those areas of work to

In Search of Justice Seminars

Karakutu has started to organize seminars open to the public interested in the areas of work of the organization. These seminars are being held once a month for nine months since 2017, on different subjects. The speakers of the seminars chosen among academicians, artists, civil society activists who are working

Adnan Ergeç Fund

The Fund is founded in 2016 by one of the board members of the Karakutu Association in the name of his father. The objective of the fund is to support young researchers between the ages of 18 and 30 as well as artists who intend to implement a project that

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