“In Search of Justice” Seminars In 2019

In Search of Justice Seminars are a series of seminars where academics, researchers and activists, who study in the areas of confronting the past, collective memory and remembering, share their experiences and research. In these seminars, we learn and discuss about different forms of human rights violations as well as social movements resisting these the violations in search of justice.

These seminars, which we have been organizing as a part of Memory Journey Program since 2017, aim to increase the knowledge and capacity of Karakutu’s young volunteers and people interested in Karakutu’s areas of work.

We organized a total of 11 Search of Justice Seminars in 2017 and 2018. Several issues related with identity, migration, gender and collective memory were all addressed in the context of human rights violations and search of justice. 104 people attended our seminars in 2017 and 102, in 2018.

Our seminars, held every third Thursday each month, continued in 2019 too. In this year, researchers, activists and academics from different areas have been our guests in 8 seminars, attended by 211 persons.

January 2019– “Right Politics and Its Historical Myths in Turkey”, YÜKSEL TAŞKIN

February 2019- “The Case of Festus Okey and Immigration in Turkey” BEGÜM ÖZDEN FIRAT, DİDEM DANIŞ, ALP TEKİN OCAK & FIRAT GENÇ

March 2019- “Music of the Neighbour”, TUĞÇE ÖZDEMİR & AYŞEGÜL ÖZADAK, “Shalvar and Lenin: Minority Experience, Assimilation and Passive Resistance in the Republic of Bulgaria (1944-1989)” ONUR CİDDİ

April 2019- “Mobbing and Pain of Working” MERT TOKUR

May 2019- “Syrians in Turkey Between War and Immigration” SEDA ALTUĞ

October 2019- “Suspecting Our Ideals”, MEHMET Ö. ALKAN

November 2019- “Confronting by Writing”, ROBER KOPTAŞ, “Minority Media of the New Era, Memory and Agos”, YETVART DANZİKYAN

December 2019- ‘‘War “, FELAT ERKOZAN, ‘‘Pergaminos’’, ÖZNUR UŞAKLILAR, ‘‘Di Bîra Min De Ye’’ SONER AKALIN (Short films and discussion)