Commitment Without Borders

“Commitment without Borders” envisages the development of new educational methods and approaches that would serve as a guide in the area of education on Holocaust and fight against antisemitism.  Within this context, numerous activities were carried out so that educators, youth workers and civil society representatives from Turkey and Germany would learn from each other.  Organized with the partnership of Kreuzberg Initiative against Anti-Semitism (KIgA), the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and Karakutu Association, the project is supported by IHRA, Erasmus + and the Ministry of Family and Social Polices of Turkey.

The activities conducted within the scope of the project that started in September 2014, which were organized for civil society representatives, experts of the subject, academics, journalists, youth workers and young people included:

  • November 2014 / Berlin Study Visit: Organizations visits and seminars with the participation of experts from Turkey
  • March 2015 / Weekend Educational Seminar, Istanbul
  • May 2015 / Istanbul Study Visit: Organizations visits and seminars with the participation of experts from Germany
  • October 2015 / Workshop, Adrasan: Profound discussion on educational practices and experience sharing
  • June 2016 / CwB Conference, Berlin: Sharing project outputs and relevant panels and sessions
  • Summer 2016 / Internship at KlgA: with the participation of three teachers from Turkey
  • October 2016 / CwB Turkey- Germany Network Meeting, Berlin: Experience and opinion sharing about educational practices
  • December 2016 / CwB guidebook is published in German
  • May 2017 / CwB guidebook is published in Turkish

Within the scope of the project, guidebooks on Prevention of Antisemitism and Holocaust Education were prepared.

CwB Antisemitizmi Önleme ve Holokost Eğitimi Kılavuzu (PDF)

Ein deutsch-türkisches Handbuch zu Antisemitismusprävention und Holocaust Education (PDF)